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Biography Michel Poulette

MIchel Poulette is a director, a writer and executive producer living on the St-Lawrence River near Montreal, in Québec. He has a knack for storytelling and passion for communication. He works in both French and English.

Michel Poulette’s career is a long list of success stories with all of Quebec and Canada’s major broadcast networks (CBC, CTV, SRC, TVA, TQS, TFO ) earning him many awards for TV programs and feature films which have consistently been among the highest rated. He also worked for SHOWTIME and HALLMARK . His first feature LOUIS 19, KING OF THE AIRWAVES has been reincarnated in the first American remake of a Canadian film , directed by Ron Howard: ED TV.

Here is a list of his majors projects.


LOUIS 19 KING OF THE AIRWAVES is the first feature film directed by Michel. This comedy about a shy guy winning a contest whose winner will be broadcasted LIVE, 24/24 for three months on television.… received numerous awards from around the world, starting with both the ACCT CLAUDE JUTRAS award for the Most Promising First Time Director and the ACCT Golden Ticket (for most popular Canadian film).

ED TV was the first American remake of a Canadian movie and was directed by Ron Howards.

LA CONCIERGERIE / THE HAVEN is a detective story, winner of the Audience Award at the Montreal Film Festival, Audience Award at the Police Movie Film Festival of Cognac, Best Foreign Film at Charleston USA and Audience Award at the Vancouver Film Festival.

HISTOIRE DE FAMILLE is both a mini-series and a feature film telling the saga of a family confronted to the clash of opposite values during the Quiet Revolution, an important moment in Quebec history : the moment when Quebec moved from Middle Age to modernity.

MAÏNA is a feature film taking place 600 years ago, about the first encounters between Native Indians and Inuits, before contact with Europeans. An epic (and unusual) love story set in the Great North of America. MAINA World Premiere took place in Official Competition at the Shanghaï Film Festival. The film received 13 awards in festivals around the world : American Indian Film Festival, Dreamspeakers Film Festival, and many First Nations related festivals around the world.


BONANNO: A GODFATHER’S STORY is five-hour epic mini-series produced for SHOWTIME & HALLMARK, stands as a landmark in Michel’s career. Starring Oscar winning actor Martin Landau,J.E. Olmos Costas Mandylor, and Toni Nardi, it chronicles the life and times of Joseph Bonanno, believed to be the inspiration for Mario Puzo’s Corleone character in The Godfather. This first project in English earned SHOWTIME’s best drama rating in 1999.

AGENT OF INFLUENCE is a movie of the week based on the true story of a Canadian Ambassador to Moscow, John Watkins, whose accusation of being an agent for the USSR resulted in a political scandal in Canada when the truth about his death (involving the CIA) was revealed…18 years later. Michel’ s direction of Oscar winning actor Christopher Plummer and renowned Quebec actress Marina Orsini brought him accolades. Distributed by ARTISAN, this MOW had been sold to 132 networks worldwide.

TIPPING POINT & TOO YOUNG TO MARRY two MOWs have been produced for Lifetime/USA through Muse Entertainment.

KEPT WOMAN, SWEPT UNDER, BRACE FOR IMPACT and SERIALIZED were M.O.W.s produced by Incendo Productions for on demand channels around the world.

SOPHIE (4 episodes) has been produced by Sphere Media for CBC.


Michel is also known for having launched three of the biggest success of French Television in Quebec.

GERARD D LAFLAQUE (a daily minute long muppet show) ,

ROCK & BELLES OREILLES (a weekly satiric show often compared to Month Python)

URGENCE (a drama taking place in trauma center)

All of them brought him kudos and many awards.

These 3 shows are considered cult shows on Quebec cultural scene.


HITCHCOCK AND ARTS is an exhibition produced by Montreal Fine Arts Museum and Paris Beaubourg Museum about Alfred Hitchcok, a For this unusual and stimulating project, he was acting as scenographer.

MYST IV : REVELATION. Michel has directed the drama parts of this cult videogame. He also directed the first 3D trailer of ASSASSIN’S CREED.

In TV COMMERCIALS, his national campaigns for clients like Pétro-Canada, GM, VW, Shell, Le Lait, Bell, Winners, Radio-Québec, brought him 12 awards in 12 years, 5 of them for Campaign of the Year.

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